We have the perfect solution! Our IPL laser targets signs of sun damage to the skin such as freckles, sun spots, redness and signs of aging. There’s little to no downtime and treatments take less than an hour out of your day. It’s extremely convenient for anyone wanting healthy looking skin and a quick and effective fix. Not only will the laser help skin look rejuvenated on the surface, the underlying damage will be corrected as well!

IPL can improve pigmented lesions (brown spots) like freckles and sun spots as well as redness and broken blood vessels which have surfaced. We always recommend a series of treatments to achieve your goals, however, you’ll notice a change in your skin even after your first treatment. Maintenance treatments should be done a few times a year to help keep your skin glowing. Our patients love their skin after IPL and say they notice fresher and younger looking skin with a more even skin tone.

Now that summer is over and the rainy season is here, it is the perfect time to take advantage of this treatment. We love seeing our patients’ results after having a treatment in our office. Since this treatment is ideally done on skin that hasn’t had recent sun exposure, now is the perfect time to come in to see Dr. Sutton and her team so you can see for yourself what it’s all about.