Men – we want to put the focus on you! Cosmetic dermatology tends to be predominately aimed at women; but men too want to maintain their good looks while keeping a natural appearance. We love having men come in to our office looking for a way to enhance their look. According to many studies, men have been paying more attention to their looks than ever before.

Maybe you’ve started to notice some fine lines and wrinkles sneaking up on you the past couple of years? Or have some broken blood vessels or red areas on the face that weren’t there before. Perhaps you’re just wanting to look less tired? Skin care and treatments in this office aren’t just for the ladies…

Typically, men prefer treatments that are minimally invasive, quick and have little to no downtime so they can get right back to what they were doing. Some men come in and know what they want done, while others have no idea what their options are. Unfortunately, there seems to be a knowledge gap and we want to fix that! Dr. Sutton and her team want to provide you with all the information and advice you need to make an informed decision on what’s available to you. We’ll keep things short, while ensuring your time here is effective and informative.

Without making it obvious, there are treatments that can be done to help correct and maintain your appearance. Dr. Sutton loves recommending ZO skin care which we have available in our office. An easy 3 step regimen may be all you need to open pores and help with texture. Another favorite is a series of treatments with our IPL machine which will decrease facial redness and improve brown spots accumulated over time. We want to enhance your natural appearance, not change how you look. It’s time we started taking better care of you. There’s no better time to start exploring your options than now!