It’s not surprising to us that patients feel overwhelmed or cautious about skincare. We are bombarded with advertising about “the next best thing” and if you open your cupboards at home, they are probably exploding with products. At Dr. Sutton’s office we believe skincare is one of the most important things for your skin and it’s easy to do! The skincare Dr. Sutton recommends for you will complement the treatments you are having at the office. We can also treat many conditions, such as melasma, with skincare alone.

Damage to our skin doesn’t happen overnight therefore you can’t expect to reverse the damage overnight. It takes time, effort and patience. By using the right active ingredients, you should see results and love your skin!

Skincare needs to be used on a regular basis to be effective. Think about it as you would an exercise routine. When you start exercising and you achieve your goals, you do not just stop exercising. If you do, you will just slowly go back to the way you were before, but, if you keep up with your routine then you maintain the results. In skincare, we want to achieve the same balance where you start a routine of skincare until you are happy with your skin and then you continue on a maintenance regimen to keep the desired look. Dr. Sutton may need to adjust your routine from time to time which is why we follow up with you regularly.

Come see our board certified Dermatologist, Dr. Allison Sutton, to get a personalized, comprehensive skin care regimen that’s made for you. We want you to love your skin!