Let’s face it – we’ve all had acne at some point in our life. Although it’s common in adolescence, it’s also an issue many of us face as adults. Having a breakout can be embarrassing and difficult to take care of. It affects our self-esteem and can be extremely frustrating when you’re not sure how to treat it. An adult may experience acne because of fluctuations in hormones, poor skin care, acne-clogging makeup, medication side effects, stress, and even family history. The good news is, there are solutions!

Here are some aspects of treatment that Dr. Sutton will discuss with you:

Dr. Sutton loves ZO skin care products and will choose a program which will perfectly suit your needs. The active ingredients in each unique product will help treat blemishes and prevent future breakouts without drying out your skin. The program accomplishes this by controlling amounts of oil production, removing dead skin cells, stimulating healthy cell renewal, and calming irritated and inflamed skin. You may also require prescription treatments.

The makeup you choose is also important. Choose make-up that is non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores), oil-free, and mineral based. We love Glo Skin Beauty Mineral Makeup.

If you’re someone who has permanent scarring from acne, you might be interested in microneedling, which we’re a HUGE fan of! Our previous blog on microneedling gives further info. After a consultation with Dr. Sutton, you’ll be on the right track towards getting your skin back to looking fresh and smooth and you can say goodbye to that troublesome acne.