Here are some helpful tips for keeping your skin in check while travelling this summer:

Whether you are headed to the beach for the day or leaving the city for a week or two, you should not neglect your skin!  This is especially important in the summer and winter months when the weather is more extreme. Here are a few of our favourite skin care essentials and reasons why we love them!

  1. Sunscreen – if you only take one item with you, make it your sunscreen! Sunscreen can act as your protection, your moisturizer and in some cases, your makeup! Our top picks are as follows:
    • Elta MD Clear SPF 46 – a light-weight sunscreen that is recommended for all skin types, including acne and rosacea prone skin. It’s small and convenient for packing.
    • ZO Sunscreen SPF & Primer – this handy little bottle is a sunscreen and makeup primer in one. Plus, the light feeling and sheer coverage from the tint will make you feel better about skipping your makeup for the day.
    • ColoreScience Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Powder SPF 50 – This one’s a must-have, no matter where you go! It’s easy to pack in your purse or beach bag and it is a full coverage sunscreen. The brush on the end makes it easy to apply.
    • Elta Physical SPF 41 – a physical sunscreen with a bit of a tint for those who want a sunscreen and a touch of makeup all in one. The matte finish helps to cover blemishes and discoloration on the skin. chemical-free, sensitivity-free, and has no fragrance.
  2. Daily Power Defense – Powerful antioxidants in this all-in-one moisturizer help to protect your skin from free radicals. DNA repairing enzymes assist with repairing your skin from previous damage. It serves as your daily moisturizer and the antioxidants boost your sunscreen protection by making it more effective against UVA and UVB.  If you can’t bring your entire regimen with you, you’ll definitely not want to leave this one at home. It’s also available in a smaller size in the majority of our travel kits.
  3. GSR Kit – Our travel kits offer a smaller version of our cleanser, polish and toner pads all in one. It’s easy to pack and is air-travel friendly! Keeping your skin clean and polished can now be easy on the road. “Getting skin ready” is particularly important with any skin care regimen because it helps remove any dirt and sweat you accumulate throughout the day. It will help unclog your pores after you’ve been applying and reapplying sunscreen all day and will remove any leftover makeup.
  4. Hydrafirm Eye Cream – this little eye cream helps with firming and moisturizing the delicate under eye skin. It comes in a little compact tube, not much bigger than a lip gloss. Apply an extra dose after a late night with friends or before you head to the beach for the day.
  5. Hat and glasses – A good wide brimmed hat and sunglasses (the bigger the better) is not only stylish but will help to further protect your skin during the day.
  6. Lipstick – We love Glo Mineral Cream Glaze or Suede Matte Crayons. They are small, easy to pack and even have a built-in sharpener! When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is apply thick makeup. However, a little punch of lip colour freshens up your look. You can even dab a little on your cheeks with some moisturizer for some more colour!
  7. A book or some tunes – Our skin can be affected by stress too so take the time to read that book, listen to some good music and enjoy time with friends and family! Have a great summer and always remember to visit your dermatologist if you need a change in your skincare routine.