“This was my first experience with any type of cosmetic procedure. I was extremely anxious when I first came in but was put at ease immediately. Dr Sutton and her staff are the perfect combination of professional, warm and caring. They go at your pace, explain everything and give you the time needed to make an informed decision!”

– Sharon

“I had such a great experience with Dr. Sutton! I had been suffering from adult acne for many years and after seeing her my skin cleared up enough for me to feel comfortable not wearing makeup in public, something I thought impossible. She is the very rare combination of being very caring and easy to talk to as well as being extremely competent. Her nurses are great too, I previously had laser treatments and Jude and Rosy really put me at ease, they are super nice and funny.”

– Fiona

“From the initial referral to Dr. Sutton’s clinic I’ve been more than satisfied with her professionalism and top-quality team. Upon entrance into the immaculate offices, I was immediately at ease, knowing my concerns were taken seriously and I was not going to be sold “a bill of goods”, as is often the case in the world of cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. What wasn’t I looking for? I was not interested in anything radical, and did not want to undergo expensive treatments that would produce a wax-like complexion. I also wanted to avoid a plastic appearance that is often the result of too much Botox or Fillers. I didn’t want a forehead without expression, and didn’t want a clown mouth or ivory skin. I wasn’t a porcelain doll as a young adult, and definitely didn’t want to look like one as a 60+ year old woman. I also didn’t want to break the bank!

I expressed these concerns to Dr. Sutton and her staff, and they asked what I had in mind. They listened and made appropriate suggestions, which included a less-invasive method of dealing with age spots and unwanted frown lines between the eyebrows. Dr. Sutton insisted I understand the options and recommended I think about it for a while before booking a first appointment. She discouraged quick decisions, especially as results could take time, and the expense is more than an hour-long facial.

I reviewed the literature and Dr. Sutton’s suggestions, and was comfortable with my decision to proceed. I was prescribed skin brightening lotions and delicate creams that gradually peel off surface layers of derma. It was my responsibility to use the creams and lotions as directed, with twice-daily applications. The results were noticeable in under a month, and a smoother and brighter complexion was well worth the required effort.

I also decided to have a conservative dosage of Botox applied to my temples and between my eyebrows, which has greatly reduced the deeper frown lines I didn’t want to see in the mirror every morning. Nobody has noticed a frozen expression, least of all myself, and I feel refreshed and more youthful. Exactly what I wanted!

As for patient care, the attentive staff keeps in regular touch with Dr. Sutton’s patients, and welcomes any phone calls or emails regarding treatment. I feel there is always a kind ear in case of any concerns, before, during and after appointments. Considering the time spent in consultation, the actual treatments and the cosmetic creams needed to complete the regime, the cost was manageable and within my budget.

In time, I may request more treatments, but I do not feel pressured. I can ask as many questions as needed, and am confident the feedback is sincere. I have the utmost trust in their judgement and their care. Dr. Sutton and her team are medical and aesthetic experts in their field, and I recommend their services.”

– Eve

“I was referred to Dr. Sutton by a friend. Dr. Sutton and her team are very warm and welcoming. I had never been to see a Dermatologist before and did not know what to expect. I attended for help with fading of age and sun spots on my face. Dr. Sutton and her nurses are very kind, professional, and thorough in describing the treatment I am now using. The products are wonderful and I have received excellent results. There was absolutely no pressure to buy and use all recommended products. I was given suggestions based on my budget and expectations. I have been very happy with the results!”

– Fran

“Dr. Sutton and her team are truly amazing. Dr. Sutton is very knowledgeable and very detail oriented. Her method is great. I had no redness, swelling or bruises after my treatment. I love the way I look thanks to her perfect touch, so natural and rejuvenated 🙂 ”

– NR