Simply put, exfoliants are the best anti-aging products we have to get rid of old, dry, dead skin cells. By removing dead skin, we allow the cells underneath to turn over quicker, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. When that dead layer of skin is removed, the products you apply with active ingredients are able to better reach the deeper layers of the skin where they can be more effective.

Years ago, we had scrubbing agents that were harmful to the skin – they were full of ingredients that would rip and tear the skin’s surface. A good exfoliant is gentle and will help cleanse the skin thoroughly without over drying it.

At-home products are very effective and can be used regularly which is why we recommend using exfoliants as part of your daily skin care routine. When you first start using one, you might use it only twice per week. As your skin gets used to regular exfoliation, you can increase the frequency to nightly.

Exfoliants can be mechanical or chemical. Mechanical exfoliants use beads to physically scrub and remove dead skin cells and dirt. Chemical exfoliants loosen attachments of dead skin cells so that they can be more easily removed.

Two of our favourite exfoliants are from the ZO Skin Health line: Exfoliating Polish and Vitascrub. Exfoliating polish uses magnesium crystals to help gently remove dead skin cells and prevent pores from clogging. Exfoliating even 2 to 3 times a week can help give you that healthy glow by removing dead skin and surface debris and therefore giving your skin a smoother texture. A smoother texture means less wrinkles and fine lines and more of that overall glow we’re all looking for.

Vitascrub is our exfoliant of choice for acne prone skin. It has additional ingredients that help to rid your skin of excess oil and bacteria that cause acne. It is a more vigorous scrub. It’s best to start this one twice a week and as your skin becomes tolerant to it, you can increase the frequency until you are using it nightly. Vitascrub also includes hydrators so your skin will not dry out while you are treating the acne.

Make sure you include regular exfoliation as part of your skin health regimen.