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With Dr. Sutton’s medical and cosmetic expertise, she can treat your concerns successfully so you see beautiful and natural results with neuromodulators.

Neuromodulators, including Botox® Cosmetic and Dysport®, can safely get rid of unwanted facial wrinkles and lines. They last three to four months and require little to no downtime. Dr. Sutton performs all of the injectable treatments herself in our office.

This treatment is designed to temporarily relax facial muscles. And when expertly done, it can soften wrinkles, improve facial symmetry, such as uneven eyebrow height, lesson a “gummy smile,” turn the corners of the mouth upwards and soften dimpling in the chin.

Neuromodulator treatment is commonly paired with fillers to provide overall facial rejuvenation. We can help you with a well-rounded approach to healthy, beautiful skin. Learn more about fillers

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